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Data Governance

Joint solutions comprising of metadata cataloging, data lineage, data quality, data stewardship, and
compliance management for effective governance of data assets.

Collibra is a data catalog platform and tool that helps organizations better understand and manage their data assets. Collibra helps create an inventory of data assets, capture information (metadata) about them, and govern these assets. Collibra creates a data asset inventory, captures metadata, and governs assets, helping stakeholders understand their existence, usage, and compliance.

Data Intelligence Solutions Alation powers a range of data intelligence solutions, including analytics, data governance, and cloud transformation. By leveraging the Alation Data Catalog to generate insights that are more accurate and data-driven, users across many industries are helping drive data culture within their organizations.

The Heimdall Data proxy secures and scales your database. It enforces Active Directory policies for SOX, SOC2, FINRA, and SoD compliance. Features include one-click reports, Just-in-time access controls, and intelligent SQL traffic management to reduce load and improve response times. Suitable for on-premise or cloud, it is vendor-neutral and requires no application changes.

Ovaledge simplifies data governance and ensures high-quality data management for your business. Easy to use and implement, Ovaledge helps maintain compliance and enhance decision-making through reliable, clean data. Manage, monitor, and utilize your data effectively with Ovaledge.

Data Warehouse Automation

Employ the Data Vault 2.0 methodology alongside others to construct a versatile framework for data warehouse design, enhancing integration, traceability, and agility.

Vaultspeed’s data warehouse automation solution speeds up the process of data integration through a best in class tool built on the Data Vault 2.0 methodology. Data warehouse automation serves data managers by accelerating and automating the entire lifecycle (design, build and maintain) of their Data Vault. The tool automates the integration of data from multiple sources into the Raw & Business Vaults.

The Heimdall Data proxy secures data access and scales your database. It enforces Active Directory policies for SOX, SOC2, FINRA, and SoD compliance, with one-click reports and Just-in-time access controls to prevent data leakage. Intelligent SQL traffic management reduces load and improves response times. The vendor-neutral proxy works on-premise or in the cloud and requires no application changes.

WhereScape helps IT organizations of all sizes leverage automation to design, develop, deploy, and operate data infrastructure faster. Thousands of users worldwide rely on WhereScape automation to eliminate hand-coding and other repetitive, time-intensive aspects of data infrastructure projects to deliver data warehouses, vaults, lakes and marts in days or weeks rather than in months or years. is the leading provider of Snowflake environment management, end-to-end orchestration, CI/CD, automated testing & observability, and code management, wrapped in an elegant developer interface. Faster development, parallel collaboration, developer efficiencies, data assurance, simplified orchestration, and (data) product lifecycle management are the result.

Database Solutions

Scale data management infrastructure according to evolving needs, accommodate growing data volumes,
increase user concurrency, and expand analytics requirements.

Snowflake delivers the Data Cloud — a global network where thousands of organizations mobilize data with near-unlimited scale, concurrency, and performance. Snowflake delivers a single and seamless experience across multiple public clouds. Snowflake’s platform is the engine that powers and provides access to the Data Cloud, creating a solution for data warehousing, data lakes, data engineering, data science, data application development, and data sharing.

Parallel Postgres for enterprise analytics at scale. Rapidly create and deploy models for complex applications in cybersecurity, predictive maintenance, risk management, fraud detection, and many other areas.
Greenplum is designed to run anywhere—on-premises, in public and private clouds, and modern containerized environments like Kubernetes—for easier installation, operation, and upgrades.

The Global Distributed SQL Database YugabyteDB uniquely combines enterprise-grade relational database capabilities with the horizontal scalability and resilience of cloud native architectures. YugabyteDB is an open source, high-performance distributed SQL database built on a scalable and fault-tolerant design inspired by Google Spanner. YugabyteDB is PostgreSQL wire compatible, cloud native, offers deep integration with GraphQL projects, plus supports advanced RDBMS features like stored procedures, triggers, and UDFs.

The Fastest Path to Graph Neo4j gives developers and data scientists the most trusted and advanced tools to quickly build today’s intelligent applications and machine learning workflows. Available as a fully managed cloud service or self-hosted. Powered by a native graph database, Neo4j stores and manages data in its more natural, connected state, maintaining data relationships that deliver lightning-fast queries, deeper context for analytics, and a pain-free modifiable data model.

Data Warehousing on AWS with Amazon Redshift Tens of thousands of customers today rely on Amazon Redshift to analyze exabytes of data and run complex analytical queries, making it the most widely used cloud data warehouse. Run and scale analytics in seconds on all your data without having to manage your data warehouse infrastructure.

EDB Supercharges PostgreSQL. Software, services, and support for teams who need to do more and go faster with PostgreSQL. EDB helps organizations get the most out of PostgreSQL. Nearly 6,000 customers worldwide have chosen EDB software, services, and support. Our offices worldwide enable us to deploy our global expertise locally and support our customers more efficiently.

Data Integration

Develop connectors and APIs that allow smooth integration between the tech infrastructure and the company’s tools or platforms for a unified data management solution.

A unified approach to data integration Data integration is at the heart of the entire Talend Data Fabric platform. Convenient self-service tools make it easy to ingest data from almost any source, and integrated preparation functionality ensures that your data is usable from day one. From the rapid ingestion of data to a cloud data warehouse to the most complex multi-cloud projects, Talend Data Fabric can meet your needs.

With dbt, data teams work directly within the warehouse to produce trusted datasets for reporting, ML modeling, and operational workflows. dbt is a transformation workflow that lets teams quickly and collaboratively deploy analytics code following software engineering best practices like modularity, portability, CI/CD, and documentation. Now anyone who knows SQL can build production-grade data pipelines.

Cloud Data Integration, ETL and ELT Ingest, integrate, and cleanse your data with our market-leading, cloud-native ETL and ELT solution, from the pioneer in ETL. We believe data is the soul of business transformation. We help you transform it from simply binary information to extraordinary innovation with our Intelligent Data management Cloud (IDMC). It’s the only cloud dedicated to data management.

Data Security

Data management, process analysis, and optimization for better data integration, streamlined processes, and data-driven decisions from process mining insights.

We help companies with sensitive data share their data securely, confidently and consistently. Our infoSecur software tool grants appropriate access internally with employees and externally with partners, customers and vendors. infoSecur provides a low-code approach to apply policies that govern who receives what data. Share only the appropriate data to people, partners, and third parties through reports, apps, dashboards, and even direct queries. infoSecur is easy to implement, technology agnostic and requires minimal data skills to use (SQL only). No new technology is needed to adopt infoSecur. It works with any BI tool but doesn’t require a BI expert to provision and share data.

Protect Your Cloud Data! Baffle provides universal data protection from any source to any destination to control who can see what data. Baffle’s aim is to render data breaches and data losses irrelevant by assuming that breaches will happen. We provide a last line of defense by ensuring that unprotected data is never available to an attacker. Our data protection solutions protect data as soon as it is produced and keep it protected even while it is being processed. Baffle’s transparent data security mesh for both on-premises and cloud data offers several data protection modes.

Process Mining

Scale data management infrastructure according to evolving needs, accommodate growing data volumes,
increase user concurrency, and expand analytics requirements.

ABBYY Timeline features advanced process mining and task mining technology using the latest artificial intelligence (AI). It enables businesses to automatically build an interactive digital twin of their processes, analyze them in real time to identify bottlenecks, and predict future outcomes to facilitate decision-making of technology investments.

Celonis is the global leader in execution management. The Celonis Execution Management System provides companies a modern way to run their business processes entirely on data and intelligence. We pioneered the process mining category 10 years ago when we first developed the ability to automatically X-ray processes and find inefficiencies.

Transformation Partners

Joint solutions that combine our respective technologies and expertise for increased productivity, insights, and efficiency in their data projects.

Coalesce is the first ever data transformation tool to leverage a column-aware architecture for supporting data projects at scale. Founded in 2020, Coalesce is the only data transformation tool built for scale. As the first platform to combine the speed of an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), the flexibility of code, and the efficiency of automation for data transformations, Coalesce customers benefit from increased data engineer productivity and insights. Based in San Francisco, Calif., Coalesce is backed by Emergence Capital, 11.2 Capital, GreatPoint Ventures, and Industry Ventures, and supports customers worldwide.

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