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We manage the performance, migration, acquisition and merger of your operations

Data Modernization

Data Governance

Data Warehousing

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Data Modernization

Our Data Modernization services help you integrate the latest, most impactful data technologies, tools, and processes into your environments. Whether operational or analytical , applying our tools and knowledge into a migration path enables the fusion of data and processes into an actionable platform for your future needs.


From Lift n’ Shift to Repoints to full stack modernizations, we provide no touch, streamlined solutions for successful alignment of technology to achieve business goals.


Automated Assessment

The ADEPT framework is a visual representation of a living and breathing repository of the relationships between the assets (DB systems, tables, ETL/ELT, reports, people usage information, the quality of the data, systems, servers and the impact of change.

Solution Accelerators

Eon's proprietary ADEPT Framework uses advanced automated techniques to capture the requirements, design patterns, dynamic logic transformations and custom functions from any data repository all the way up to Enterprise Data Warehouse.



We have a library of scanners and harvesters capable of parsing all the leading DW technologies. The harvested information is interrogated to determine what will need to change in order for the migration to happen.


Cloud Migration and Modernization Service

Enhancing the agility and scalability of cloud computing, our custom connectors provide full automation of functions and conversion of the target syntax.

Current State Assessment

Eon's assessment will focus on discovering your organizations current data governance state. We do this by focusing on and reviewing the three Data pillars of data governance.


Governance Technology Selection

Eon will work with your organization on selecting a governance technology to support your organization's current data governance strategy.

Data Governance Strategy

In collaboration with your business and IT stakeholders we will develop a strategy and roadmap to meet your organization's needs around data governance capabilities.


Governance Technology Implementation

A governance program is supported by a solid governance technology implementation. Our experience in industry leading data governance technology experts will help your organization with an end to end implementation of the technology for organizations enablement and adoption.

Data Governance

Our Data Governance service provides the oversight and management of how data is captured, stored, aligned, and used. We treat information as a strategic asset, employing a combined top-down and bottom-up approach. This empowers your organization to develop an understanding of the data’s value and its meaning to the enterprise.

Data Warehousing

Our collection of Data Warehouse services will provide your organization with delivery options, from large legacy migrations and implementation strategies to smaller engagements designed to achieve specific results. Experience the collective of seasoned leaders with proven track-records in the Data Warehouse community.

Data Vault 2.0 Automation

DV2 strongly aligns with data automation tools. With our partnerships and deep knowledge of Data Vault 2.0, we can get you up and running quickly. Along with implementation we offer product POCs, demonstrations and training.

Data Vault 2.0 POC's

Looking to show and understand the business benefits of adopting DV2? We'll help you conduct a proof of concept. In collaboration with your organization, our team will immerse and demonstrate the multiple aspects of the methodology and how it can help meet your data objectives.

Data Warehouse Development - Bill Inmon

The data lakehouse merges the low-cost flexibility of data lakes with the structured analytics of data warehouses. We offer expertise to help your organization capitalize on this hybrid architecture's benefit.

Data Vault 2.0 Implementation

Need assistance to jumpstart your DV2 implementation? We can take your organization from zero to Vault. Our certified and leading industry experts will leverage DV2, accelerators, their experience and partnerships to reach your target data warehouse end state.

Data Vault 2.0 Coaching & Training

We coach and mentor professionals at all levels of your organization; Senior Executives, Development Teams and Business Teams. A successful data implementation is dependent on everyone at all levels of your organization understanding this solution.

Star Schema Development - Kimball Method

The Kimball methodology, with it's Star Schema/Bus Architecture, has dominated warehousing for over two decades. Our team can support your star schema projects, whether it's new constructions, migrations, or strategizing for a Data Vault 2.0 upgrade.

Data Warehouse Strategy

Building or modernizing a legacy data warehouse can be complex. Using our proven ADEPT approach, industry best practices, along with your organizational requirements, we'll define a roadmap to go from your current state to your desired state.

Legacy Data Warehouse Modernization and Migration

Considering an upgrade to a cloud based data warehouse but uncertain about the process? Our framework can identify the challenges of your current setup. We'll craft a clear plan complete with tech choices, migration schedules, and cost projections.

Accelerated Services

Leverage our Staffing Services for your IT & Data Development initiatives with specialists from our pool of industry experts. Integrate skilled talent into your current team for rapid expansion and accelerated growth. We simplify the onboarding of onshore and offshore software developers and provide management support, offering you flexibility and peace of mind.

Technical Competencies

Empower your projects with diverse technical competencies.


Full Stack Developer


Cloud Engineer


ETL/ELT Developer


Data Modeler


Data Architect (Operational or Analytical)

BI Developer


Project Manager / Scrum Master


UI Developer


Data Analyst


Devops & Deployment developers

Our Work Process

We analyze, mine, scrape and link data for opportunities.


Obtain a comprehensive overview of technology relationships through thorough environmental scoping and assessments.


Transition infrastructure layers through either full re-architecting or direct porting, depending organizational requirements.


Implement complete automation across development and product operations functions, increasing efficiency and agility.

Our Customer Success Stories

Read how our data solutions have transformed and empowered our clients to achieve their business goals.