Agile Design Environment for Process Transformations (ADEPT)
Our unique framework & assessment tool, equipped with conversion utilities

Intelligent Data Lineage Tool

Our proprietary technology, ADEPT, is the engine behind our ability to tailor client projects to their specific requirements. The journey begins within dedicated workspaces, where we meticulously manage your projects for streamlined workflows and on-time delivery. Explore a wealth of information, including detailed logs, precisely generated reports, and comprehensive lineage data, to aid your audits, compliance, and strategic decision-making. Additionally, we have a library of custom connectors that facilitate seamless integration with the latest industry technologies. This not only underscores our commitment to innovation but also exemplifies our dedication to delivering excellence.

ADEPT's Use Cases

Lineage Analysis
Understand the connections between your SQL scripts and other assets in your tech stack.
Landscape Assessment
Gain a bird’s-eye view of your ecosystem and understand the relationships between technologies. Receive accurate cost estimates of your projects.
Utilities and Frameworks
Due to past client engagements, utilize reusable components to enhance automation.
Conversions and Migrations
Consistently raising the accuracy and success rate of your conversions and migrations.

Migration Efficiency Gains

Assessment & Analysis
Save 5,867 hrs


2,277 hrs


8,144 hrs

Scan/analyze current state technology various components include DS jobs, dependencies and target state architecture components
Design & Build
Save 33,244 hrs


12,904 hrs


46,148 hrs

Combination of various component Data Stage job design approach and translate to target stated dbt Models/Sql Scripts

Unit Testing
Save 37,589 hrs


6,831 hrs


44,420 hrs

Combination of Testing and tweaking converted dbt Models/SQL Scripts

Robert Scott, CTO, Demonstrates ADEPT with our partners at VMware

In this video collaboration with our partners at VMware’s Greenplum, we explore how our ADEPT methodology is transforming the data modernization landscape. Robert Scott, Chief Creator of ADEPT and a renowned leader in the modernization space, showcases the inner workings of this metadata-driven framework. Get a glimpse into how we accelerate and automate your data processes, allowing us to deliver efficient solutions faster, reducing time to market.

Whether you’re migrating data from legacy systems, adapting to new platforms, or seeking to enhance data efficiency, our solution will breathe new life into your data ecosystem. This solution can be leveraged for just about any Data Modernization. That’s our promise, From Anything to Anywhere

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