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Your Data Tells a Story—
ADEPT Makes It a Bestseller

The ADEPT Toolkit

ADEPT is our proprietary and metadata-driven framework, born out of patterns and challenges observed in diverse client environments. This methodology, honed through years of internal use and refinement, has been the engine behind our ability to customize projects to specific client needs and tech landscapes. 

Imagine your data as a collection of stories. ADEPT is our method of weaving these stories together, turning your data into a powerful business asset. Much like a compelling novel captures its readers, ADEPT transforms your data into an insightful resource by delineating its flow, relationships, and transformations, rather than merely presenting it. It’s a versatile tool in our arsenal for navigating complex data landscapes.

Migration Efficiency Gains

Using ADEPT, we’ve not only streamlined data migration processes but also delivered modernization, governance, and warehousing solutions for our clients.

ADEPT toolkit has been utilized by

Exciting News! Lineage Analysis Now Available to the Public

Thanks to its proven effectiveness within our own operations, we’re now sharing a slice of our secret sauce with the world.

From Our Internal Tookit to Yours, Here's What to Expect

Track and visualize the data flow from source to target.
Impact Analysis
Understand the effect of changes in your data landscape.
Metadata Management
Access detailed descriptions about data at your fingertips
Governance and Compliance
Streamlined adherence to regulatory standards and compliance

How Does It Work?

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