Our Greenplum Offerings

Let us take a customized, data-driven approach to map how and where all the data in your environment moves through your systems. We visually enhance your understanding of the systems and products that are inside your entire data ecosystem, as well as the relationships between them.

Data-Driven Discovery and Analysis

A systematic approach that evaluates and aligns current technical environments, tools, and platforms, with your technical and business goals, regardless of your platform.

Comprehensive Data Lineage Visualization

A visual mapping of data relationships and lineage for easier understanding and management of data assets, setting the stage for integration with advanced systems.

Strategic Solution Recommendation

Analyzing your operational and analytical needs allows us to suggest the most effective solutions, tailored to your environment and ready to scale with your business.

Why Choose Us?

Optimize your open-source Greenplum experience with our expert, tailored support specifically designed for versions 6 and 7. We’ll help you create a robust and secure database environment, giving you the confidence and peace that comes from a well-maintained, critical data infrastructure.


Our professionals are industry veterans who deliver data solutions that drive growth, allowing your database to operate optimally.


Our proven methodology consists of best practices and a technology-agnostic reference architecture for reliable, scalable, and efficient Greenplum implementations.


Through our proprietary technology and platform, ADEPT, experience superior solutions that are faster and more effective.

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